Enjoy the magic of Fairfax with us. Relax and enjoy your self with great hookah, some drinks and amazing food.
4pm - 2am (Monday-Sunday)
Phone: (571)-347-0523


Our flavored tobacco is well known for intense smoking experience. Dozens of premium brands for Hookah fans to enjoy. We use the highest quality hoses with excellent suction, smooth feeling and gives no after taste.

Great Drinks

Great deals on liquor and beer every everyday. Enjoy your favorite mixed drinks, cocktails or choose from our selection of beers.

Amazing Food

Enjoy flavorful Ethiopia dishes which includes chicken, red pepper, garlic, and hard-boiled eggs. Savory dishes flavored with purified, spiced Ethiopian butter, from the ye beg kikil—lamb stew in spicy sauce—to the kifto—ground beef traditionally served raw or rare and mixed with cardamom and a mitmita spice blend.